Best Essential Oil Brands

The search for the best essential oils is not an easy one. There are many brands available out there, and buyers are already overwhelmed. Essential oil buyers are looking for a genuine brand that will guarantee quality. Several brands that have proved to offer the quality that buyers are seeking. For the past seven years, the brand has been producing essential oils for customers around the globe. A good essential oils brand should guarantee quality, purity, and safety of the products.  Which of the brands that offer a combination of the three qualities?

The Best Essential Oil Brands

CPTG rating
CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) rating is one of the things that set essential oils from any other brands that we have. The oils undergo numerous testing to rate the purity of the oils. The oils are extracted from 100% plant extracts, and you can be sure that there are no additives. We all know that additives compromise the quality of the oils. With essential oils,  be sure that you get 100% purity. Each batch of oil should pass through several tests before it is packed for customers.

Purity of Ingredients

When buying a bottle of any essential oil, you need to be sure that you of the purity. The purity of ingredients means that the oils should be obtained from the right plant species, right parts and also from the right environment. There is no point of getting essential oils from plants that have already been polluted by pesticides or chemicals. Essential oils are sourced from all over the world to get the best species of plants. The plants used to extract the oils are the best species that available.

Safety of the oils
There are several essential oils that are safe. For customers safety, the plants are grown in a toxin-free environment, and they are also no synthetic oils are added in the process. The testing carried out at each stage of also guarantees customers’ safety. Unlike third rate companies that blend low-quality oils with high-quality oils, The best oils are only packed with the best quality oils. You shouldn’t have to worry about dangerous fillers being added to your essential oils.

Modern extraction processes (steam distillation and expression)

1. Steam distillation oil extraction
Some companies uses the steam distillation which the best technology for extracting the oils. The method used in extracting essential oils from plants is important. You need to be sure that the latest technology is used in extracting the oils. During the extraction process, the steam passes through the plant releasing pressure. The pressure created by the plant causes extraction of the oils in the purest form. When extracting oils, the temperatures are adjusted depending on the plant that the oil is being extracted. This is one of the most effective methods in essential oil extraction.

2. Expression oil extraction
Essential oils experts carefully choose the right method of extraction for each type of oil. Some oils are likely to be damaged by high temperatures, and it is important to look for alternative methods of extraction. Using expression is a good method to extract oils like citrus, orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit. This method is also known as cold pressing because the oils are extracted using high mechanical pressure. It is advisable to choose a good method of extraction for each type of oil so that you can get the best results.

Best aroma
Many people buy essential oils for aromatherapy, and it is important to get the best aroma. For instance, when buying a mint essential oil, you should be able to smell the mint for therapeutic benefits. There are essential oil brands out there that tend add fillers to enhance the aroma. The process of extraction ensures that no aroma is lost during the process. By the time the bottle reaches you, the aroma is still strong.

Professional packaging
One thing that you will appreciate about quality essential oils is the packaging. The essential oils are packed professionally in a dark bottle. It is important to use a dark bottle of essential oils because the light is likely to affect the quality of some oils. The bottles are well-sealed and labeled.